In my late teens I studied with Antonio Frasconi, the Uruguayan woodcut artist. A great imagist and a caring teacher who used simple and direct techniques to create powerful work, Frasconi illustrated over a hundred books and several hundred woodblock prints, He used his art for political and social causes through his long life, dying in 2013 at the age of ninety three. Aside from taking a few weekend workshops here and there, I think of Frasconi as my teacher and mentor.

I've also been influenced byJapanese woodcut artists, by Edvard Munch, the German Expressionists and some contemporary American woodcut artists.

My imagery is mostly drawn from nature but abstracted. Some of the images are political, some are autobiographical. Many of the woodcuts are printed only in black, others use multiple woodblocks and are multicolored. Often I will work in diptychs creating two images that work both together and independently. One of my books consists of woodblocks of trees and nature forms and several nudes accompanied by a text.